For every order we process, there is a fee charged for it and this is called a FULFILLMENT FEE. Our fulfillment fee starts at PHP30.00 per order depending on your volume. Please see the table below for information. 

Orders Per Month
Fulfillment FeeDuration
0 - 100₱40.00 per order
One time
101 - 299₱30.00 per order
Recycle Every month
300+₱20.00 per order 

This simply means that, if you are new with DropX, you will be charged ₱40 per order until you reach 100 orders with us. Once you reach this mark, Your fulfillment fee is now only ₱30 per order. If you reach 300plus orders a month, your fulfillment fee is only ₱20 which will be reimbursed the next month first payout