Each products listed in the DropX catalog has an availability status. It is important to take note of it before importing or deciding to selling these items.

Dropx ISK -This means that the product is available in our warehouse and in stock. These kind of items are readily processed even next day if available in the region. Items in stock tends to ship faster

P-WHS: When an item is tagged as P-WHS simply means these items are currently in the partner warehouses in the Philippines. So supplier or partner will have to deliver the goods to us first within 2 to 3 days and then it will be processed by DropX

Note: Shipping and fulfillment speed will greatly depend on how soon the suppliers deliver the said goods. Keep in mind that P-WHS items are not guaranteed stock. We do not control stock issues and sometimes items might just run out of stock. Dropshipping with DropX means you understand this risk.