Anyone who wishes to dropship using DropX services will have to meet and complete our requirements. The following are the requirements for DropX Dropshipping on Shopify & Woo Commerce

  • Must be 18yrs of age 
  • Lives in the Philippines
  • Has one valid ID
  • Has an online store ( Shopify full plan or Shopify Lite or Woo Commerce store )
  • Has a bank account in one of Major banks
  • Onboarding Certificate Of Completion.  -  Complete the DropX Onboarding Course 2021 ( After Approval ) 

If the aspiring dropshipper has a registered business, they may provide their BIR registration form. 

** We require all Dropshippers to complete our onboarding course on the DropX Academy website. This will ensure that you understand how our system works and will cause less confusion in the future..  Failure to complete the onboarding will result in delay in your payouts.