DropX is Byaheros Express Inc company and founded by Odera Joseph and The president of Byaheros Express Inc - Ben Maglente. The former, Odera Joseph who was the former co-owner at OJMD Solutions, is the man responsible in pioneering the drop shipping land scape in the Philippines and the former co-founder of OJMD Dropshipping Service, With his rich knowledge in e-commerce & drop shippingg.

DropX will pave the way for companies and manufacturers to get a better venue to showcase their products, broaden its reach from local to nationwide in just a couple of clicks.

DropX users on the other hand takes advantage of this technology that allows them to sell a wide variety of products including those that require an on demand or immediate delivery, anytime, anywhere.

What differentiate DropX in the market is its strategic warehouse locations that allows companies to store their products in each province in the Philippines, therefore; allowing them to fulfill & ship their products 10x faster and cheaper.

The DropX platform also features other functions that allows the user to connect to other e-commerce platform available in the Philippines to leverage a much wider audience and sales.